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So I spent my last break on Monday tweeting about how everybody needs to spend their hard earned dollars on seeing LAIKA’s new stop-motion masterpiece ParaNorman (because STILL nobody is talking about it, and I legit do not understand) and they tweeted me back with a link requesting my address.

Today I received an amazing package! They sent me a pair of Norman’s bitchin zombie slippers and his sweet electric toothbrush! How cool! This is really neat, I can’t get over how completely swag this stuff is. :D

That said, it’s genuinely distressing that NOBODY on my dash is talking about this movie. And I don’t know how to talk about it with any sort of eloquence, because I’m not a professional and everything I write ends with half a paragraph of keysmashing.

I can tell you that it’s stunning, and moving, and beautiful, and serious, and a work of art, but everyone else is already saying that, much better than I. So I’m going to say the one thing I think will catch the eye of my followers:


If for no other reason, go see it because in this film, LAIKA did what nobody else has had the guts to do in a PG-rated American film marketed towards kids. Five minutes before the credits, the male supporting character turns to the female supporting character and says, “You’re going to love my boyfriend.”

Congratulations, LAIKA just normalized homosexuality without making a character a predictable stereotype, or making him a pitiable, tormented punching bag. Even in a film actually about bullying, he is just a guy who happens to have a boyfriend.

Take note, every other media company in the western world. It was seriously that easy. Now you have no excuse not to get with the fucking program.

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    Yeah i’m worried that ParaNorman isn’t blowing up my dash when it was such an awesome movie. I mean it was a crazy...
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    Well hey, if Tumblr says ‘go see it, it won’t make you want to punch something’, I’ll probably go see it.
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    Plus it has the Neil Gaiman seal of approval (it’s made by some of the same folks who did Coraline) and it really seems...
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